Listen to January’s EL SONIDO: Radio Show

Expect the latest in jazz, hip-hop and electronic music as the EL SONIDO: show returns to La Radio for 2018.

Christmas may seem like an ancient memory and those typically anti-climatic New Year celebrations may all be a blurr, but fear not – the first EL SONIDO: radio show of 2018 is now available to stream online!

Your tonic for the January blues, this month’s instalment brings together all the jazz, hip-hop and electronic music that we’ve been listening to since our December show.

The January edition features warm, soulful vocals in the form of Poppy Ajudha and Noya Rao, and up-tempo modern jazz through Mammal Hands, Glowrogues and The Breathing Effect. Joe Armon-Jones and JD Reid deliver a lively, electronic twist, while there’s African-inspired spoken word in the form of Kojey Radical and Obongjayar.

It’s a varied playlist this month – one which seamlessly skips between the genre-defying sounds of the UK underground, and showcases some of the hottest emerging talent there is.

Poppy Ajudha – Si2Y

Poppy Ajudha (ft. Kojey Radical) – Spilling into You

Jerome Thomas, Warren XcInce & Joe Armon-Jones – Didn’t Know

Mammal Hands – Black Sails

The Breathing Effect – Walking Backwards

Blue Lab Beats (ft. Kojey Radical & Tiana Major9) – Sam Cooke & Marvin Gaye

Sampa the Great (ft. REMI) – Flowers

Noya Rao – Azimuth

Glowrogues – Rivers and Roads (live)

Obongjayar (ft. James Massiah) – Gravity

Vesce – Zender

JD Reid (ft. Venna & Henry Wu) – Just Know

Joe Armon-Jones & Maxwell Owin – SE Discotheque

Like what you hear? Listen to more through the EL SONIDO: Spotify playlist, and check out the artists that we’re tipping for greatness in the year ahead.

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